Monday, March 12, 2012

Kony 2012

Kony 2012 Campaign Poster
A video released by the charity Invisible Children called Kony 2012 has received a lot of attention on social media and across the world. The 29-minute video revolves around Joseph Kony a Ugandan warlord; the video has gone viral attracting more than 100 million viewers. The video looks not to make Joseph Kony famous, but to create awareness around the crimes he has committed.

It is said that Kony has abducted over 60,000 children and made them become soldiers in his rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army. Although the Lord’s Resistance Army is not longer active in Uganda, they still advocate for brutal crimes against civilians. For 26 years, Joseph Kony has tortured, killed and mutilated people so Invisible Children is pushing for his arrest. They want him to be an example of international justice.

The group raised $5 million in less than 48 hours. However there is controversy as to where that money will go. Last year of the $8.6 million raised only 32% went directly to Uganda.

Although the issue runs deeper than can ever be expressed in words the Kony 2012 video aims to bring justice and awareness. Here is the video.


  1. I don't watch TV and am definitely not a social media junky but I DID see this on a talk show the other day when I was at the gym... the Anderson show I believe. Sounds very interesting. I appreciate you advocating and educating people on it.

  2. I have seen this video all over facebook and Twitter lately. It is kind of interesting to see all the people who are getting annoyed by people who are posting the video trying to make people aware of the issue....